The safe post-production pipeline



## Meet Avalon Avalon is a Python framework for the post-production Pipeline that encourages safety and automation. Built by developers and artists within the film industry, it takes care of much of the hassle of Pipeline development so that you can focus on tailoring the flow of information between the artists in your company. It's free and open source.


"Everytime we make an update to an asset, something breaks and we spend weeks troubleshooting.." Does this sound familiar? Avalon was designed to combat this syndrome so that you can spend precious resources elsewhere.


Amongst the thousands of production tasks spread across tens and sometimes hundreds of artists, a large fraction of labour is repetative. Tedious. Avalon is designed to automate needless tasks so as to let your creatives stay creative.


Got an idea in mind for producing a film with your friends? Bidding on your next blockbuster venture with Marvel? Avalon builds on best practices from some of the largest visual effects organisations in the world and is designed to facilitate growth.
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## Built on !!! danger "Note to self" Format this Open source software used in this open source software. - Pyblish - jsonschema - qtawesome - requests - six - Qt.py - toml - MongoDB - PyMongo - PyQt - Qt - QML
--- ## Support !!! danger "Note to self" Insert logos here. - ftrack - Shotgun - Perforce - Maya - Nuke - Houdini - Clarisse - Mudbox - Zbrush - Photoshop - After Effects - Flame

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